Baked Goods & Cereals

Sandwich Cookie

Acerola, Banana, Almond



Health & Nutrition
Health & Nutrition

Natural Vitamin C

Dietary fiber

Vegetable proteins

Clean Label
Clean Label

Natural taste impact

Natural color stabilization


  • Niagro

    Our Brazilian partner Niagro, founded in 1992 by Japan’s Nichirei Corporation, is a specialist in acerola products. The erstwhile pioneer is now a...

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  • Blue Diamond Growers

    California-based Blue Diamond Growers is the world’s largest producer of almond ingredients and the world’s leading brand for almond products....

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  • Terrafertil

    Terrafertil, headquartered in Tabacundo, Ecuador, is the pioneer and global market leader in dried Physalis – also known as goldenberries. Founded...

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