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Sauces 2.0 –
More Taste with Prunes

Many feel that sauces are the crowning glory of a dish, but producing a good sauce can often be quite a balancing act. Based on d'Agen plums, Bösch Boden Spies offers sauce producers solutions that open up unimagined possibilities, through to “clean labeling.”

“Reduced-sugar,” “Low sodium,” ‘100% natural Ingredients’ – Clean Labeling is one of the buzzwords of the modern food industry. Healthy nutrition is a priority for many consumers, and the taste has to be right as well. Reconciling the two can be difficult. Sauces, for example, should be savory but not too salty, fruity but not too sweet. The solution for sauce manufacturers: food concepts from Bösch Boden Spies, based on plum ingredients from the market leader Sunsweet.

The Prune, a Multipurpose Ingredient

Our application solutions center around Sunsweet’s d’Agen variety. The unique composition of these plums makes them a natural flavor enhancer and a multifunctional ingredient. While sugar (sweetness and full-bodied flavor), fats (taste enhancement and mouthfeel), and caramel coloring (brown color) each have a one-dimensional effect in sauces, prune ingredients improve all components of a recipe. Used in sauces, Bösch Boden Spies prune applications can

  • reduce sugar and salt content.
  • enhance and harmonize taste.
  • optimize color and consistency.
  • replace caramel coloring.
  • tone down “off” flavors.

In short:

As an ingredient, the all-rounder prune makes sauces easier and improves them.