Tart Cherries

Unique taste. Unique effect.

Tart Cherries

Tart cherries are becoming more and more popular, because their taste and the vital substances they contain are superior to many other fruit varieties. Since 1960, the production volume worldwide has nearly doubled. The sour cherry is cultivated in almost the entire northern hemisphere.

One very special variety is the Montmorency tart cherry cultivated in the region around Travers City, Michigan. The composition of its ingredients is unique, and their balanced ratio makes this a real power-fruit.

Research has shown that eating this cherry can trigger healing effects. The anthocyanins it contains, which are responsible for the dark red color, are valuable antioxidants and can also contribute to reducing pain and inflammation. The melatonin content helps to improve our natural sleep rhythm.

Montmorency cherries are among the few fruits that taste equally good dried and fresh. Advanced drying technology results in optimal moisture content, combined with sweetness and an authentic fruit flavor. An appealing appearance and texture, and the absence of dyes, are just some of the other advantages. Montmorency tart cherries are used as an ingredient in cereals and yoghurt, or eaten on their own as a snack.


One of the best-known and most widespread types of sour cherries is the Polish Łutówka, which is also considered the most suitable variety for further processing. The fruits are large and dark, with a dark red juice. The pulp is firm and sour. The sweetened dried cherries are therefore perfect for mueslis, high-quality mixes and for baked goods, where they are an eye-catcher with their dark red color.

Sour cherries belong to the group of fruits with the largest content of antioxidants. Furthermore, they contain many vitamins B and minerals.

The infused sour cherries from our partner Ocean Spray come from Poland. Accounting for 15% of the global sour cherry production, Poland is the third largest source of sour cherries in the world and the most important sour cherry producer in the EU. Our sour cherries are dried and processed directly on site in a gentle process.

Our long-term partner Ocean Spray is the world’s largest manufacturer of cranberries. Since 2021, they offer as well infused blueberries, cherries and blackcurrants in EU quality.

The sour cherries of our partner Ocean Spray are grown, harvested and processed in Poland. They are gently dried and infused in a modern, state-o-the-art processing plant.

This ensures that as much vitamins as possible are kept and emphasizes the sweet and fruity taste.

Because of their size and shape, infused sour cherries are ideal for snacking, but as well for chocolate and bakery applications.

They are available as wholes and diced cherries.


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