Tart Cherries

Unique taste. Unique effect.

Tart Cherries

Sour cherries are becoming increasingly popular because they are superior to many other types of fruit in terms of taste and the vital substances they contain. Since 1960, the volume of global production has almost doubled. The sour cherry is cultivated almost throughout the northern hemisphere.


A very special variety is the Montmorency sour cherry, grown in Traverse City, Michigan. The composition of its ingredients is unique. A balanced ratio makes it a real power fruit.

Thus, it has been found that its consumption can have healing effects. The anthocyanins contained are valuable antioxidants. They are not only responsible for the dark red color, but can also help reduce pain and inflammation. The contained melatonin helps to improve the natural sleep rhythm.

Montmorency sour cherry is one of the few fruits that taste like fresh even when dried. Optimal moisture content combined with sweetness and genuine fruit flavor is the result of sophisticated drying technology. An appealing appearance and texture as well as the absence of colorants are just some of the other advantages. Montmorency Sour Cherry is popular as an ingredient for muesli and yogurt and is a popular snack for in between meals.

Montmorency Sauerkirsche




One of the most famous and widespread sour cherry species is the Polish Łutówka, which is also considered the most suitable variety for further processing. The fruits are large and dark with dark red juice. The flesh is averagely firm and sour. Therefore, they are perfect as a dried variety for mueslis, in high-quality mixes and for use in baked goods, where its dark red color makes it an eye-catcher.

Sour cherries are among the fruits with the highest levels of antioxidants. In addition, the cherry contains numerous minerals and vitamins.

The dried and sweetened sour cherries come from Poland. With 15% of the global sour cherry production, Poland is the third largest source of sour cherries in the world and the most important sour cherry producer in the EU. Our sour cherries are dried and processed directly on site in a gentle process.






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