Black Currant

A perfect mix in color and taste.

Black Currant

The black currant grows in the temperate and boreal latitudes of Eurasia. Even if the domesticated form is spread almost worldwide today, most currants are still grown in Poland and Russia.

The black currants from our long-term partner Ocean Spray come from Poland and are harvested at the end of the European summer.

The deep black berries are characterized by their tart, sour taste. Ripe berries can also have a pleasantly sweet taste.

Black currants are rich in vitamin C. Already with an amount of 60 g you can achieve the recommended daily dose of 100,000 µg. This means that they contain three times as much vitamin C as a lemon. There are also large amounts of vitamin E and anthocyanins in black currants.

Black currants can be eaten raw, but are also often made into jelly or jam. Another interesting use is in desserts and ice cream, or they add a sweet note to savoury sauces. One of the best-known products made from black currant is certainly the French crème de cassis. Infused black currants can be used in a variety of ways, for example in mueslis, bars, snack mixes, but also in chocolate and baked goods.

Our long-term partner Ocean Spray is the world’s largest manufacturer of cranberries. Since 2021, they offer as well infused dried blueberries, cherries and blackcurrants in EU quality.


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