Siong Hong

Siong Hong

The story of Siong Hong, a company headquartered in Bangkok, began in 1985 with the production and export of dried fruits such as pineapple, papaya, and mango. Today, the family business employs 380 people and offers a wide range of tropical dried fruits in various forms. Siong Hong obtains its fruits from all over Thailand.

Its products are popular worldwide as snacks and are also used in the food industry. Siong Hong keeps its customers happy with the consistently high quality of its products and service.

Beyond quality and reliability, another aspect of Siong Hong’s philosophy is a responsible treatment of the environment and the community. The company strives to produce in a particularly resource-conserving manner and supports its community as needed. For its customers, Siong Hong therefore stands for sustainability in action.


BBS Partner
since 1991
Bangkok, Thailand
No. of employees
380 employees
Type of company
Sales markets
Bangkok, Thailand


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