Sunbeam Foods

Sunbeam Foods

Our partnership with Sunbeam Foods, part of the Manassen Food Group, has grown over decades of successful cooperation. Our Australian partner was founded in 1926 and is a premium producer for sun-dried vintage Sultanas, sunmuscats and currants. About 350 cooperating growers cultivate their plantations in the west and south of the country, especially in the sun-drenched region around the Murray River, that offers ideal cultivation conditions for the fruits.

Sunbeam has won over its customers in the food industry worldwide with almost a century of experience in the production of these bright, sweet fruits.

Its sultanas and currants are mainly used in the bakery segment.

State-of-the-art production and sorting systems enable Sunbeam to guarantee consistently high product quality for its sultanas, making the company a strong, reliable partner for our customers around the world.


BBS Partner
since 1977
Mildura, VIC, Australia
No. of employees
300 employees, 350 farmers
Type of company
Pty Ltd
Sales markets
Mildura, VIC, Australia


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