Sunsweet looks back on more than a century of tradition in the cultivation and processing of prunes. Founded in California in 1917, the company is a sales cooperative. Many of its 300 farmers are family businesses that have grown plums for generations. Today, Sunsweet is the world market leader in prune products.

The company’s customers include both end consumers and the food industry. The cooperative gives farmers a direct link to consumers under their own brand – with prunes and prune juices. And Sunsweet plum ingredients are very popular with manufacturers of high-quality food products in more than 45 countries around the world.

One focus of the company’s philosophy is the sustainability of its products. For Sunsweet, energy-efficient and resource-conserving production facilities, as well as an appreciation of all its employees and farmers, are essential parts of the company’s success.

Thanks to patented technologies, the cooperative is able to produce diverse prune ingredients of the highest quality for the industry. Sunsweet puts a special focus on exploring further uses for its ingredients. The company is keen to provide its customers with natural ingredients that contribute to health-conscious nutrition.


BBS Partner
since 1923
Yuba City, CA, USA
No. of employees
400 employees, 300 farmers
Type of company
Sales markets
Yuba City, CA, USA