Acerola superfruit

Vitamin C power with a health claim

So small but nonetheless so outstandingly good! Acerola can justifiably describe itself as the exceptional talent among fruits, because it arrives with an unbelievable serving of vitamin C. 100 grams of Acerola contains over 1,700 mg of vitamin C – thirty times more than in orange juice! So this round fruit that we import from Brazil has one of the highest natural contents of vitamin C of all the known fruits.

Incidentally: The Acerola cherry’s degree of ripeness is directly related to its vitamin C content, since the greener the healthy fruit, the more of this vitamin it contains. Green Acerola actually contains about twice as much as the red variety.

Thanks to their exceptional property as a source of vitamin C, Acerola is an ideal alternative to synthetic ascorbic acid, E 300, because it minimizes oxidative processes in the product. A big opportunity for all those who emphasize “Clean Labeling” and naturalness. The opportunities for applications and attractive claims are multi-faceted, because the Acerola cherry even has a European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) Health Claim.


In addition to its vitamin boost, however, this process-tolerant superfruit also imparts a delicately tangy flavor note, and ensures stable product color.

And as if that still wasn’t enough, Acerola has a positive effect on the body’s metabolism thanks to riboflavin (vitamin B2).

This is what Acerola can do – a live experience at the Anuga

We will present the concentrated power of Acerola at the Anuga trade fair in Cologne from October 5th-9th. Visitors will be able to convince themselves of the total functional package with all their senses at our trade fair stand in Hall 8. Applications in the areas of beverages, ice-cream, yoghurt and candies will be created on the spot from various raw ingredients such as Acerola purée. What does Acerola really taste like? Does it really stabilize the color of a smoothie due to its antioxidant activity? Can fruit gums with Acerola really contribute to the supply of vitamin C? We look forward to discussing these and other exciting issues with our customers on site.