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The origins of the tomato lie in Central and South America, where it was cultivated by the Mayans and other peoples. We have Christopher Columbus and the Spanish conquistadors, who brought the plant to Europe, to thank for its cultivation in our latitudes.

Centuries of cultivation have led to the existence of about 2,500 varieties worldwide. The fine red fruit has become a versatile favorite in nearly every cuisine around the world. Its high-quality ingredients support the health of the entire body. Tomatoes are said to provide protection from heart disease and arteriosclerosis – thanks to lycopene, a substance with antioxidant properties. It is interesting to note that the lycopene in tomato puree or juice is much more easily absorbed by the body than that found in fresh products.

Tomatoes are also an important supplier of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. They are low-calorie, healthy and are making their way into more and more food categories. Due to the demand for new flavors, tomato yogurt, snack products with dried tomatoes, or savory tomato spreads have become quite commonplace.

Besides serving the European food industry’s demand for high-quality tomato products, Bösch Boden Spies also constantly develops new ideas for creating new sales potentials for this powerhouse of the fruit kingdom.

Our partners include Morningstar and Unfasa as well as some of the foremost manufacturers in Spain. Our juice concentrates, NFC, diced tomatoes, puree and organic products all come from cultivation areas with the highest quality standards.


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