Founded in 1979, the Spanish company Unfasa based in the town of Falces has decades of experience in processing foods. Its main products include tomatoes, pulses, and mushrooms from the surrounding region of Navarre and the fertile Ebro river valley. As part of the Celorrio Group, Unfasa also has access to a wide variety of different ingredients.

The company has customers in the food industry around the world, and also increasingly in the retail sector – in 2013, Unfasa introduced its own line of retail products.

At its modern production facilities, Unfasa exclusively processes premium-quality products so as to provide customers with top-quality products. The company also operates its own product development department and constantly creates new products tailored to customer requirements.

Due to its exclusive cooperation with farmers in the region, the company can guarantee a stable availability of goods. This, in combination with transparent communication, makes Unfasa a reliable and loyal partner for its customers.


BBS Partner
since 2003
Falces, Navarra, Spain
No. of employees
35 employees, 90 seasonal workers
Type of company
Sales markets
Falces, Navarra, Spain