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Bösch Boden Spies is not a classic trading company. We don’t buy an item just anywhere, in order to sell it to just anyone, at any time.
That’s why we don’t sell just plain raisins or cranberries, but specifically raisins from Sun-Maid or cranberries from Ocean Spray – each of them exclusively in European markets. Beyond this, we work together to develop the portfolio and product innovations for new sales opportunities.

All of the brands we represent are leaders in their market. Proximity and long-term cooperation create trust and guarantee high quality. With Sunsweet in California, we have a history dating back more than 90 years.
Our employees have an insight into cultivation methods, processing, and quality assurance. To maximize transparency, we like to keep bringing our trade and industry clients together with our partners, sometimes on-site in the cultural landscapes of the Andes, North America, or Australia.