We are a traditional company
with the mentality of a start-up.

We trade, refine and supply. We research and develop. We improve. We adapt to their needs. We are reliable, open and committed. We are partners, thought leaders and enablers. We’ve been providing service and innovation since 1913. We reinvent ourselves every day.

Who we are

As a modern B2B food supplier, our aim is to actively and sustainably shape the future of the food industry, something we have been doing since 1913. We want to inspire people – with high-quality food ingredients, tailor-made services and pioneering food innovations.


Our Competences

From crop cultivation to harvest and supply chain management, through to shelf presentation in supermarkets. We reliably accompany products, suppliers, and customers across the entire value chain. This guarantees a deep understanding of the market, sales expertise, consistently high product quality, and detailed traceability of each individual batch.


General Manager

Dirk Schmidt, Miriam Gautier, Peter Sielmann & Patrick Burmester
General Management Board