We want to actively help shape the future of the food industry and make it better

Hardly any other industry is as strongly shaped by dynamic trends as the food industry. Globalization, mobility, health and environmental awareness are changing consumer behavior. Natural raw materials, pure ingredient lists, functional added values, and ever new, inspiring taste experiences are in demand. That is why we are always looking ahead.

Food Innovation Center Hamburg

Here everything revolves around the imported fruits and nuts. Whether baked, dried, flavored, concentrated, powdered, pureed, frozen, blanched or completely unprocessed – there is nothing that food manufacturers cannot get from us. At the same time, we always remain on the lookout for new ideas and food trends.

Ingredient Innovation Center Wageningen

The “Food Valley” in Wageningen, Holland, is considered the hotspot for pioneering food innovations in Europe. Here we research, develop and market functional raw materials such as pectins and fruit fibers. Their positive product properties such as binding capacity, taste and mouth feel taste and mouthfeel can also be transferred to other foods from our portfolio.

From functional ingredient
to innovative product concept.

From prune ingredients in barbecue sauces to cranberries in baked goods, and acerola cherries in multivitamin juice – based on the functionality of our products, the Development team creates new product concepts for the industry.


The Future is
plan(e)t based.

If you want to set an accent in color and taste and improve the texture of your products without having to use artificial ingredients, we can offer you the solution, by providing a range of natural functional ingredient solutions which offer a clean label declaration.


Discover trends,
understand and serve.

Because the food market is driven by innovations and aligns itself with constantly changing consumer wishes, it is important to identify trends at an early stage. We take a close look at them and can thus identify new potential – both for producers and food manufacturers.