Powerful food trends with high potential.

More and more consumers are examining what’s in their food and taking care to eat more health consciously. Many want products with a functional added value. Others are looking for completely new taste experiences. Yet others want to avoid certain ingredients.

Part of our work is to identify such trends and then respond to the constantly changing requirements by developing new product concepts.

We have compiled a selection of the latest major trends in the food sector here.

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The premium food trend is driven by a desire for high-quality, delicious food products that satisfy taste buds and the wish for honest indulgence. Consumers are willing to pay more for food made with high-quality & luxurious ingredients that allow you to treat yourself. Claims that describe texture and quality are demanded. As this trend continues to grow, we can expect to see more and more exceptional food products hitting the market.

The trend towards sustainability and ethics in the food industry encompasses for brands to be fully transparent about the supply chain, use eco-friendly packaging or to upcycle previous waste products. Consumers prioritize brands that reduce food waste, have transparent production processes, and make their packaging more sustainable. Social and environmental responsibility of brands is on its way to becoming a hygiene factor for many consumers. This trend is for sure here to stay.

The trend towards health and wellbeing in the food industry is driven by a present and growing interest in personal health and a desire to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Consumers are interested in natural, additive-free food products that offer additional health benefits beyond basic nutrition. Brands are responding by developing products that are naturally high in nutrients, use alternative sweeteners like fruits, or promote digestive wellness. Consumers’ health awareness, which has been heightened by the pandemic, has reinforced this trend even more.

The trend towards individualism and experience in the food industry is caused by a growing desire among consumers to fit their meals to their lifestyle and express their unique identities through their food choices. Brands are responding by offering snack size products, by including mood-boosting ingredients or by offering plant-based products. Different flavor, texture and category combinations attract curious consumers. This trend is likely to continue as consumers increasingly prioritize individuality in their food choices.