Boysenberries New Zealand

Boysenberries New Zealand

Boysenberries New Zealand is the world’s largest supplier of boysenberries and produces two-thirds of New Zealand’s total crop. Founded in 1989, the cooperative is located on the northern tip of South Island, where the mild summers give this cross between logan-, black-, and raspberries their distinctive, sun-kissed flavor.

A recent arrival in the berry world, the boysenberry was first cultivated in the USA in the 1920s. It has now gained considerable popularity worldwide thanks to Boysenberries New Zealand.

As a supplier to the food industry, the company has served discerning customers all over the world for more than 26 years, who use this remarkable berry in a variety of products.

The cooperative works to the highest quality standards and pays great attention to aspects of sustainability and environmental protection in its production. For its longtime customers, Boysenberries New Zealand is a partner that brings passion and professionalism to cultivating an exclusive fruit.


BBS Partner
since 2009
Nelson, New Zealand
No. of employees
12 farmers
Type of company
Sales markets
Nelson, New Zealand


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