Hamburg, April 21, 2021

Calbu Walnuts | A brand new factory & superior crop

Calbu has become one of the main exporters of high quality walnuts from Chile in the last years thanks to the effort they have put into having a good and consistent quality product, with all the requirements the market is demanding.

The 2021 harvest estimate is around 160.000 metric tons. After a rather difficult season in 2020, the 2021 crop is of superior quality with light colored walnuts in good sizes and quantities.

Calbu is prepared for this new challenging volume and will start this season in a brand new factory with state of the art technology. The total surface comprises 110.000 m², has 3 different selection lines (in-shell, hand cracked and machine cracked), 3 types of sorters (optical and laser) and new recreation areas for our workers. In 2022, a new hulling and dying facilities will be included to the process.

Calbu has had a tremendous development in the last 10 years, now being Chile’s 3rd biggest producer of walnuts which both creates new job opportunities in the region and adds value to the walnut growers. If you need counter season walnuts, in order always provide a fresh product to your customers, we are more than happy to provide you with Calbu walnuts from the current season. ​​​​​

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