On the road to success with Calbu

Hand-cracked walnuts from Chile's number 1

Best product quality and transparent processes are probably the most important criteria for our supplier relationships. Calbu, currently the largest producer of hand-cracked walnut kernels in Chile, lives up to these demands perfectly.

At the top of the market– cooperating with one of the best

Founded in 1995 and expanding quickly, the family-owned company from Santiago de Chile cultivates walnuts on an area of 1,000 hectare. Its annual production growth reached 20% in 2017. Calbu has reached number 5 in the ranking of all Chilean walnut producers, after placing at number 20 in 2012.

Calbu marketed 4,000 tonnes of peeled walnuts and walnut shells in 2018 alone. Most of them were sold to the European market. The total volume is to grow to 6,000 tons in 2019. BRC, HACCP, kosher and Halal certifications are available, which offers the best prerequisites for sustainable cooperation.

A broad portfolio for any customer wish

Walnuts are all-rounders in the food industry. They are used in pastries, in ice cream, as brittle, in dips, for pasta dishes or salad toppings. Their color nuances range from extra light to amber. Hand-cracked walnut kernels are the main product that we will procure from our new supplier Calbu in future, although the company is also going to take up production of machine-cracked walnuts this year. Calbu also offers the in-shell walnut classics, e.g. in the Chandler, Serr or Semilla varieties. Walnut flour and chopped walnuts are two of the other products from this South American global player’s range.