Hippocrates Farm

Hippocrates Farm

Hippocrates Farm is the agricultural business unit of Rezos Brands S.A., a Greek company founded in 1983 that implements the vertical business model “from producer to consumer”. It combines its passion for superfoods with the latest scientific innovations in agricultural science.

Hippocrates Farm follows the essence of Hippocratic medicine: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food”. The company implements this maxim across the entire value chain. By controlling every step of its products from cultivation on its own farms to processing and packaging, it is able to ensure the same high quality standards at all stages of the process.

As part of Rezos Brands S.A, Hippocrates Farm was awarded the first European Innovation Award for Functional Food by the EU-funded Business Accelerator “KATANA” among 640 applicants. KATANA honored the development of innovative functional snacks made from BIO-certified sea buckthorn of exceptional quality.


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Patras, Greece
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Patras, Greece