Montmorency sour cherries

On course for success with Montmorency sour cherries

The food industry without cherries has been unimaginable for a long time. Consumers and product developers appreciate them because of their flavor and versatility combined with healthy constituents. We are proud to be able to offer our customers a particularly successful representative of this red delicacy – the Montmorency sour cherry from Cherry Central.

In fact, this juicy fruit, which grows on privately managed farms in the USA and Canada, is distinctly different to its competitors. Its flavor is considerably more tart and tangy than morello cherries or other sour cherries. That’s how it can tickle the taste-buds of many consumers who are increasingly turning away from flavors that are too sweet.

Worth knowing: Montmorency sour cherries are actually one of the few fruits that taste good both dried and fresh. This is made possible by Cherry Central’s sophisticated drying technology, which yields an optimum moisture content. This process, supplemented by additional sweetening, is ultimately what makes the intense fruit notes. In addition, the Montmorency scores points through its avoidance of coloring, together with an appealing visual appearance and texture – in a nutshell, a natural top-class ingredient for dark-red touches in muesli, yogurt, baked products, confectionery, nut-berry blends or as a pure snack.

Montmorency Sauerkirsche

Last but not least: the Montmorency cherry is also convincing through its health and well-being benefits: the anthocyanins it contains can contribute to reducing pain and inflammation, and melatonin promotes a natural sleep rhythm.

Cherry Central – authentic fruit-growing in a mild climate

The Cherry Central Marketing Cooperative was founded as early as 1973 – nowadays, Cherry Central is the worldwide leader in growing and processing sour cherries. 700 farmers in den USA and Canada are hard at work to ensure excellent quality. Even if there are harvest failures, the widespread growing regions guarantee a stable supply of raw ingredients. An ideal partner for Bösch Boden Spies, with which we will also develop innovative novel products for our customers in the future.