Oxford Frozen Foods

Oxford Frozen Foods

The Canadian family business Oxford Frozen Food, founded in 1968, is the world’s largest cultivator and processor of wild blueberries, with nearly 10,000 hectares of its own farmland. The wild bushes have been native to the eastern regions of Canada for centuries, and transform the landscape of Nova Scotia into a beautiful sea of blossoms each spring.

Oxford’s blueberry products are now attracting attention worldwide. Besides their premium quality, customers in the food industry value the added nutritional value and taste of the wild variant.

Its state-of-the-art production facilities allow Oxford to supply top-notch quality, as well as live up to its commitment to eco-friendly production by minimizing the environmental footprint of its products. The company is socially responsible as well, providing financial support and volunteering for local organizations and initiatives.

The blueberry producer places a priority on long-standing, strategic alliances with suppliers and customers worldwide, and sees cooperative partnerships as the bedrock of its business. In this way, Oxford combines tradition, modernity, quality, and stability.


BBS Partner
since 1973
Oxford, NS, Canada
No. of employees
1.100 in high season
Type of company
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Oxford, NS, Canada