Sea Buckthorn

One fruit, 190 beneficial nutrient

Sea Buckthorn

The original home of the sea buckthorn probably lies in Nepal. Ice age shifts led to its spread over almost all of Eurasia – from the Pyrenees to Norway, Siberia and China. It is considered to be less demanding and prefers to colonise calcareous sandy and gravel soils from the plain to 5000 metres above sea level in the Asian mountains.

The small, orange fruits grow on deciduous shrubs one to six metres high. The fruit has been appreciated as a remedy since ancient times. Antioxidants, amino acids, minerals and vitamins C, B6, B12, D and E, folic acid and omega fatty acids 7 and 9 make sea buckthorn a genuine superfood.

The vitamin C content even exceeds that of oranges and lemons. The small berry also contains vitamin B12, which is otherwise found almost exclusively in animal products. Like most vitamins, vitamin C and B12 are sensitive to heat during the drying process. Our partner Hippocrates Farm has developed a solution for this problem: Osmotic drying.

This is a low temperature drying process that preserves the original structure, vitamins, taste, colour and all components of the sea buckthorn fruit. In addition, Hippocrates Farm sea buckthorn is BIO certified, free of additives and preservatives and sweetened exclusively with apple juice concentrate.

It is currently being grown in Romania. Since a sea buckthorn bush takes 4 years to produce full yield, Hippocrates Farm will be able to offer harvesting of its fields in Greece in the near future.


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