Borges Ingredients is a brand of the Borges International Group, a Spanish food company which was founded in 1896. Today, they are a relevant supplier within the healthy food sector and export to over 120 countries.

A couple of years ago, the company decided to conduct an internal project with the intention to expand its portfolio and offer substitute oils, proteins, fibers providing the same or even greater nutrients than those commonly used.  The first step was to define a solid vegetable fat that does not contain tropical fats and that is neither hydrogenated nor partially hydrogenated.

The outcome is a new product line of solid vegetable solid fat based on sunflower oil available in different viscosities which makes it suitable for all sectors in the food industry.

The company’s mission is to bring the delicious taste and health benefits of macadamias to people all around the world. This reflects their commitment to both quality and the nutritional value of their products.

The Marquis Group is 100% grower-owned, which means they control the entire process from cultivation to selling the nuts. This assures consistent supply, pricing, and quality for customers worldwide.


BBS Partner
since 2020
Tárrega, Spain
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Sole-Shareholder Company
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Tárrega, Spain