Nexira prides itself on offering the Thixogum™ range, a selection of all-natural hydrocolloids which was designed to enhance the texture and overall sensory experience of products. Among the offerings is Thixogum™, a high-performance blend that combines a natural emulsifier (acacia gum) with a natural stabilizer (gellan). This unique combination was created for developing plant-based beverages that not only meet consumers’ expectations for taste and texture but also appeal to those seeking natural and plant-based ingredients.

It is easy to use and therefore highly convenient for various applications as it is highly dispersible, odorless, colorless, and tasteless. Additionally, they are free-flowing and dust-free, making them ideal for use in both liquid formulations and dry blends.

Overall, Nexira’s Thixogum™ range presents a valuable solution for achieving desired product textures and meeting the growing demand for natural and plant-based ingredients, all while enhancing the overall consumer experience.


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