Sustainable and
healthy products

The fruits and nuts we trade are naturally healthy and nutrient-rich. Numerous scientific studies clearly prove this and recommend their regular consumption as part of a healthy and balanced diet.

Together with our producing partners, we make these health benefits transparent.

In addition to sustainable cultivation and processing, we therefore pay particular attention in our co-product development work to ensuring that these natural raw materials are part of balanced recipes. The focus of our current R&D work is therefore on:

  • Nutrient-rich nutrition
  • The significant reduction of , salt and fat
  • The replacement of artificial flavors and colorants with natural alternatives
  • The simplification of ingredient lists (clean label)

Our suppliers are our partners

As early as the 1950s, Bösch Boden Spies transformed itself from a traditional trader and broker of raw materials from various producers into an import agency that exclusively represents its quality producers from overseas in Europe. Therefore, we have maintained a close partnership with our suppliers, often for many decades, characterized by trust. The majority of these suppliers are cooperatives, i.e. the association of several farmers to form a joint supplier or family businesses that maintain close personal relationships with their farmers. For our customers, this division of responsibilities has the advantage that they usually buy from the world’s leading producers, who at the same time set the quality standards in their areas, but do not have to personally take care of every detail of handling and control, because Bösch Boden Spies does this bundled for all 1000+ customers.


Bösch Boden Spies has been certified organic for over 15 years and has been trading in raw materials from organic cultivation ever since. With currently 28 items, organic is already a relevant part of our overall business today. The expansion of our organic business is therefore an integral part of our growth strategy 2025+.

Regional products

In addition to high quality standards in cultivation and processing, we are increasingly taking into account the climate and energy balance of the individual raw materials in the interests of consumers. Therefore, we import mostly fruits and nuts from overseas (such as cranberries or raisins), which are only grown there in the corresponding quality and quantity. Where domestic alternatives are available (e.g. tomatoes, apples, sea buckthorn), we use European producers accordingly.

In 2021, we will start to determine the C02 footprint for key products in order to intensify the necessary measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions together with our partners with the aim of being able to offer climate-neutral raw materials in the future.

Sustainable products

Under the motto “All from the fruit”, the producers of our raw materials are increasingly striving to process the harvested fruits and nuts as completely as possible as edible foodstuffs and to avoid unnecessary waste (upcycling). Current examples in our portfolio are the seeds of the cranberry as well as the cacaofruit, i.e. the pulp that contains the cacao beans and was used as compost in the past.

Sustainable packaging

The massive reduction of packaging waste is already one of the top sustainability goals of food production and trade. At the same time, our customers are working hard to develop packaging solutions that are 100% recyclable. We support and promote this endeavor with corresponding proposals and product concept ideas (“Design for Recycling”) as part of our development work.


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