Cranberry Seeds

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Cranberry Seeds

Cranberry seeds, about the size of a chia seed, are obtained from the ripe berries of the cranberry plant. Cranberry seeds are upcycled from food waste into a nutritious product. This is done by mechanically removing the cranberry pulp, followed by gentle drying.

These red seeds impart an exciting texture and pleasantly fruity flavor to numerous products, and are also rich in valuable constituents for health and wellbeing.

Cranberry seeds are optimally suitable as an enhancement in cereal products, mueslis, muesli bars and baked products. As a topping, cranberry seeds impart that special crunch to yoghurt and salads, and even salad dressings, spice mixtures and smoothies profit from this nutty strengthening.

Cranberry seeds score sensory points; as well as a crunchy texture, they have an exceptionally stable color – 100% natural – and a finely fruity flavor. They are also highly process-tolerant.

They are an outstandingly good source of dietary fiber, the total amount they contain being 33%. The amount of the omega-3-fatty acid alpha-linoleic acid they contain also deserves emphasis – both have a positive impact on heart health. Furthermore, cranberry seeds contain many secondary plant substances.


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