The Andean berry with a unique taste.


Goldenberries are golden-yellow berries that grow in the sunny Andean regions of Ecuador and Colombia in South America. They are also known as Physalis, Inca berries, or cape gooseberries. The herbaceous climbing plants grow to a height of 1.5 meters (about 5 ft) and are covered in fine hairs, including on their egg-shaped, tapering leaves. Once the goldenberry blossoms have been fertilized, their sepals continue to grow and form a husk around the berries so that they are already provided with beautiful packaging by nature. The fruits are later carefully harvested by hand.

Even when just a small amount is added, goldenberries are clearly recognizable by their unique taste and balanced sugar-acidity profile. They are very valuable as an ingredient in nut and berry mixes, chocolates, jams, and juices. Goldenberries have great appeal because of their characteristic, sweet-sour taste – and, on the other hand, they have natural antioxidants, are rich in fiber, contain iron and phosphorus, lots of vitamin C (about 30 mg/100 g) and vitamin B1, and are a natural source of the cell-protecting substance provitamin A.

Goldenberries can be used in various forms, e.g., dried – with or without sugar – or sweetened with pineapple juice, or as a juice concentrate.

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    Terrafertil, headquartered in Tabacundo, Ecuador, is the pioneer and global market leader in dried Physalis – also known as goldenberries. Founded...

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