The cashew tree originates from Brazil and was only exported all over the world in the course of colonization. Today, the tree is widespread in Latin America, Asia and Africa. The Brazilian Indians called the tree “Acaju”, from which the current name is derived.

The organic cashew nuts from our partner Cashew Coast come from the Ivory Coast in West Africa. They source the nuts directly from their 5000+ farmers. The nuts are then transported to one of two BRC-certified factories in Bouake or Azaguie, where they are processed into the highest quality cashews by a total of 1,000 employees, including 700 women.

Cashew trees grow up to 15 meters high, forming thickened fruit stalks – the so-called cashew apples. These are also edible. At the bottom of the cashew apple hangs the cashew nut.

The cashew nuts with their mild nutty taste have several positive properties. They are very rich in high-quality vegetable protein, provide valuable minerals and unsaturated fatty acids and have a high content of B vitamins and phytonutrients. The kernels are available in a wide variety of qualities (whole kernels as well as broken cashews) and are suitable for further processing or pure as a snack.

Bösch Boden Spies exclusively offers African cashews from Cashew Coast and is proud of the partnership, also to strengthen farmers in the Ivory Coast and to promote a more environmentally friendly cashew production.


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