Langeberg &
Ashton Foods

Langeberg & Ashton Foods

Langeberg & Ashton Foods, a division of the South African company Tiger Brands, is our long-standing partner for fruit preserves. Founded in 1940, the company is now one of the world’s leading producers of preserved and pureed fruit. More than 500 farmers cultivate tropical fruits for the company on the fertile soils of the sun-drenched Breede River Valley in the Western Cape region.

For decades, Langeberg & Ashton Foods has kept its customers happy worldwide with premium quality and consistent flavor and appearance – be it under its own brand, or as a producer for various brand names.

The company gives as much priority to its social responsibility as to its state-of-the-art production plants and advanced technologies. As the largest employer in the Western Cape province, Langeberg & Ashton invests in promoting its own employees as well as in the surrounding communities and local schools.

At Langeberg & Ashton Foods, long-term relationships with customers and suppliers are the basis for a successful business, which makes the company a loyal and strong partner.


BBS Partner
since 1979
Ashton, South Africa
No. of employees
700 employees, 6.000 seasonal workers
Type of company
Ltd., Division der Tiger Brands
Sales markets
Ashton, South Africa