Baked Goods and Cereals

Novel & Experimental

Particularly the younger generation of Europeans often look for products that allow new sensory experiences. This was highlighted by different global surveys in which respondents between 18 and 34 stated that they like to experiment with new and unusual flavors in food products, especially in cereal products. To cater to this demand, manufacturers are blending together different flavors, launching innovative products with unique consumption experiences in order to appeal these consumers.

On-the go

Many consumers are leading increasingly busy lifestyles. They spend most of their time out of home either traveling or at work. In order to appeal to time-poor consumers, manufacturers are offering products that can be conveniently consumed while on the go, such as individually wrapped cereal bars or rolls. Ready to eat and 100% comfortable is gaining ground these days.

Natural & Pure

European consumers are highly aware of the harmful effects of artificial ingredients and preservatives. The demand for natural ingredients with claims such as “natural” and free from artificial ingredients and flavors is increasing. Various consumer surveys confirm that consumers prefer cereals and baked goods with natural attributes. Natural and pure are evolving into new standards.

Personalized health

Nowadays consumers more and more want to individualise their own diet. Therefore there is a growing demand in „made-for-me“ offerings like „gluten-free“ or „high in protein“ products.